A literary analysis of the article dying to play by kevin cook

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A literary analysis of the article dying to play by kevin cook

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Dying to Play Kevin Cook, author of the article “Dying to Play” uses logos effectively to persuade the audience to believe football is a lot more dangerous than it seems.

In the article the author is attempting to persuade parents and children to be careful when playing football because players often develop concussions which can have repercussions later in life. Back inthe selectors ditched old campaigner Graham Thorpe for the First Test against Australia and followed a gut instinct to play Kevin Pietersen.

If Vaughan is in prime form come July do not discount them backing another hunch. Kevin presses the bag into Dana’s hands, as Dana prays that Kevin will not come with her this time.

Even though Kevin is disoriented and angry, he is still able to do what he can to provide for Dana’s safety by making sure she has her emergency bag of things that might help her stay alive in the past.

A literary analysis of the article dying to play by kevin cook
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