Adolescent health assessment

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Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

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Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

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Adolescent Behavioral Health

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Review of Child and Adolescent Refugee Mental Health

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5 3. THE ADOLESCENT HEALTH INTERVENTION ASSESSMENT TOOL The assessment is primarily a desk review with a view to collecting and collating data on the adolescent context, policies, and current health interventions underway in the country. Clinical services for behavioral health problems are offered in select schools, providing therapeutic interventions and medication management, focusing on reducing absenteeism, suspensions, expulsions, and improving grades.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Community Services (CAMHS) What is this service? Severe mental illness is rare in children and young people but mental health problems are common and have a significant effect on them as individuals, their potential and their families.

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services (CABS)

Gives an overview of child and adolescent refugee mental health. This white paper offers providers information on phases of the refugee experience, stressors affecting refugee children, coping and protecting children from stress, common stress reactions and outcomes, intervention for refugee children and families, and implications for working. Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior (): Paul J. Frick, Christopher T. Barry, Randy W. Kamphaus: Books.

Adolescent health assessment
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