Article review effects of trainer expressiveness

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The Effectiveness of Personal Training on Changing Attitudes Towards Physical Activity

This timely new reissue of the argument licensed from Sony is well presented, with people which maintain a springboard perspective and give just enough detail to determine. For example, trainer expressiveness, whereby the trainer uses appropriate vocal intonations, is an important predictor of trainee reactions, trainee self-efficacy and trainee learning (Towler & Dipboye, ).

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Centralised Procurement Are your Procurement stakeholders champions or saboteurs? Tony Colwell - 27 October This article is the fourth in a series on how to avoid the pitfalls of centralised procurement. This article focuses on a study that was conducted over the subject of trainer expressiveness and trainee mastery.

There were one hundred thirty-two participants that took place in the study and listened to lectures that differed in seductive details and trainer expressiveness.

The seductive details effect refers to inclusion of “highly interesting and entertaining information that is only tangentially related to the topic” (Harp & Mayer,p.

1). One hundred thirty‐two participants listened to lectures that differed in seductive details and trainer expressiveness. Extending prior research where trainer expressiveness has been established as a positive predictor of transfer, we show that trainer expressiveness is more impactful for trainees with high (vs.

low) experiential learning styles. Mar 01,  · Winget al. compared the effects of a small group ( clients) assigned a personal trainer to a control group with only minimal supervision, and determined that those assigned a personal trainer had better adherence (84% vs. 69%) to the exercise sessions during the 24 week period.

Article review effects of trainer expressiveness
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