Cinema of attractions

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Cinema of Attraction vs. Traditional 'Narrative' Cinema

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Cinema Of Attractions

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The Cinema of Attraction

52 The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded ceptual, because the data (the films) equally support both Gunning’s claims and the contrary claims of. A juxtaposition of vibrant images, some colorful, others colorless, set to the tune of musical ambiance depicting the attraction of cinema. «the cinema of attractions solicits a highly conscious awareness of the film image engaging the viewer’s curiosity.» Instead of having the audiences focusing on the narrative, films encourage the audiences to remain aware of the act of looking, the impulse and excitement from the image.

Jan 15,  · “The cinema of attractions directly solicits spectator attention, inciting visual curiosity, and supplying pleasure through an exciting spectacle – a unique event, whether fictional or documentary, that is of interest in itself”.

Our Movie Lovers group was founded to foster an appreciation of and an interest in the art of film by screening quality films to members from a range of genres.

Cinema from Attractions: Story and Synergy in Disney’s Theme Park Movies

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Cinema of attractions
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