Coursework evalutaion

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Office of Testing and Evaluation

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Office of Admissions

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Instructions: Answer the questions below to provide feedback about the course. Your responses will be kept confidential. Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond. Faculty Course Evaluations.

Home; Info; Public Results; Click on the login button above to submit, review, or administer evaluations. Students.

“Your Hair Sucks” and Other Great Moments in Student Evaluations of Teaching

Students can use this site to complete evaluations for current enrollments. Individuals who have been granted administrative or report reader access can use this site to set up and manage. Course Evaluations In keeping with its mission of student success, Bergen Community College has transitioned from a paper and pencil student evaluation system to an online student evaluation system.

Courses and Grades

The new online platform, developed by SmartEvals of Upstate New York, provides a multitude of benefits to the student, the faculty and the College.

What additional adult ESL trainings would you like to have in the future? Apr 24,  · It’s student evaluation time again—and I should be the last professor in the world to complain.

With slight exceptions for “caring too much” and course. Dr. Bricker served as Director of the Early Intervention Program at the Center on Human Development, University of Oregon, from to She was a professor of special education, focusing on the fields of early intervention and social-communication.

Coursework evalutaion
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Course Evaluations