Ernst julius gunther rohm a german

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Ernst Röhm

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Night of the Long Knives

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Ernst Röhm Explained

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Ernst Röhm

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The Night of the Long Knives (German: Nacht der langen Messer (help · info)), or the Röhm Purge, also called Operation Hummingbird (German: Unternehmen Kolibri) was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2,when Adolf Hitler, urged on by Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, carried out a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate his.

Citation: C N Trueman "Ernst Rohm" The History Learning Site, 9 Mar 21 Sep In Julyhe joined the German Army and was awarded a commission in March in the Royal Bavarian 10 th Infantry Regiment.

Ernst-Günther Schenck

(89) The list included Ernst Röhm, Edmund Heines, Karl Ernst, Hans Erwin von Spreti and Julius Uhl of the SA, Gregor Strasser, Kurt von Schleicher, Hitler's predecessor as chancellor, Gustav von Kahr, who crushed the Beer Hall Putsch inHerbert von Bose and Edgar Jung, two men who worked for Franz von Papen and Fritz Gerlich, a.

Ernst Rohm Ernst Rohm, the head of Hitler’s Sturm Abteilung (SA) was born November 28, in Munich. Raised in a non military family, Rohm joined the German Army in and served during WWI, and was wounded three times awhile and became a major.

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Ernst julius gunther rohm a german
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