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Drover’s Wife Band 5 2009

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The Loaded Dog

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Jan 10,  · In this way, Henry Lawson’s “Drover’s Wife” and “The Loaded Dog” both clearly shows that Visuals are distinctive not because it appeal to a specific audience but because it shapes a distinctive and individual vision of Australians. The only Lawson story I have read is "The Drover's Wife," so all of my examples will come from that story.

The first thing you notice is the verb tense: all present. Through the distinctively visual Henry Lawson and Tim Burton convey interesting views on environment and human interactions, and their affect on people and society in Lawsons “The Loaded Dog” and “The Drovers Wife” and Burtons “Alice in Wonderland.

The drover's wife makes the children stand together near the dog-house while she watches for the snake. She gets two small dishes of milk and sets them down near the wall to tempt it to come out; but an hour goes by and it does not show itself.

The Drovers Wife Henry Lawson’s short story ‘The Drover’s Wife’ sketches distinctively visual images through the use of language devices so that the responder can easily visualise the personal experience of what it was like for a woman in the harsh Australian rural landscape.

Distinctly Visual Essay Henry Lawson User Description: In his short stories, “The Drover’s Wife” and “The Loaded Dog”, Henry Lawson uses distinctively visual images to convey to his readers the characters and the experience of living in the Australian outback.

Henry lawson drovers wife loaded dog
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