Language as a badge of identity

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Language as a bridge and an identity

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Language, Identity, Culture, and Diversity

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The speaker’s use of language gives listeners insight as to who they are, like a badge of identity on their chest. Language and Identity 14 40 Language Crossing • Ben Rampton studied language crossing among adolescent friendship groups in England and found: –The use of Punjabi by young people of Anglo and Afro-Caribbean descent –The use of.

30 Chapter 2 Language and identity This chapter: • describes current perspectives on the concept of identity and its connection to culture and language use; • explores some of the more relevant theoretical insights and empirical findings on which current understandings are based; • offers a list of additional readings on the topics covered in this chapter.

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Australia's National Identity. The Australian Flag is based on the Blue Ensign. It is a plain blue flag with the British Union Jack in the upper corner of the hoist. This symbolises both Australia's colonial background and the present-day membership of the British Commonwealth.

A badge of shame, also a symbol of shame, mark of shame or stigma, is typically a distinctive symbol required to be worn by a specific group or an individual for the purpose of public humiliation, ostracism or persecution.

The term is also used metaphorically, especially in a pejorative sense, to characterize something associated with a person or group as shameful.

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Language as a badge of identity
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