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“Throwing Like a Girl” Summary

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By opening with comparing the differences in Hilary and Clinton’s postures when they pitch a baseball, James Fallow. Fallows paid special attention to the pictures that came out in every newspaper the next day.

The way Mrs. Hilary Clinton did the first pitch is what people called “throwing like a girl” (her position giving the front of her body).

Throwing Like a Girl By James Fallows From the Atlantic Magazine, August MOST people remember the baseball season for the way it ended—with a strike rather than. James Fallows, “Throwing Like a Girl,” p. 63 1. He described their outfits because their pictures were posted in a lot of newspapers.

In the pictures they didn’t look too bad, what the author was mostly concerned is that they both threw the ball “like a girl”. As Fallows states in “Throwing like a Girl,” “There is no structural reason why men and women should [function] in different ways” (#1). This presents the fact that at birth, a girl is just as likely to become a professional athlete as a boy is.

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Throwing like a girl james fallows
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