University of phoenix nur 443 research article critique presentation

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NUR 443 - Evidence Based Nursing Research and Practice

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Research Article Critique Presentation Resource: The research study that you selected in Week Two Develop a to minute presentation in which you addre University of Phoenix. NUR Research Article Critique Paper The purpose of this paper is to critique a research article; “an intellectual research critique is a careful, complete examination of a study to judge its strengths, weaknesses, logical links, meaning, and significance,” (Burns & Grove,p.

). The selected article may be a qualitative or quantitative study from a peer- reviewed nursing journal. The phases of quantitative research critique are: Phase 1- Comprehension Phase 2-Critique Phase 3- Analysis Phase 4- Evaluation (Burns & Grove, ) Abstract The comprehension phase of McClean’s () article begins with the abstract.

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Evidence-based Nursing Research And Practice

View from NUR at University of Phoenix. Research Article Critique Presentation Isidora Thompson NUR/ February 7. Nur History of Nursing Research Worksheet Words | 4 Pages History of Nursing Research Worksheet There have been many influential publications.

University of phoenix nur 443 research article critique presentation
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