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Ben Jonson's

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Spent by Reynolds Stone Dickens, Charles. Kept by Eric Gill. In a Dictionary film version was repeated, under the direction of noted filmmaker Samuel Tourneur. Volpone (Italian for "sly fox") is a comedy play by English playwright Ben Jonson first produced in –, drawing on elements of city comedy and beast fable.A merciless satire of greed and lust, it remains Jonson's most-performed play, and it is ranked among the finest Jacobean era comedies.

Q. Discuss the fdunction of the beast imagery and beast fable in Volpone. Ans. Beast imagery is used in Volpone to represent the deformity and degeneration of the characters and the moral abnormality of Venice supposed. In "Volpone and Beast Fable: Early Modern Analogic Reading," Richard Dutton considers the political register of Volpone, generally underestimated in criticism of the play, in relation to its use.

“Volpone”-beast fable

Of course, this does not mean that Volpone is a beast fable. The characters may be called Voltore or Covino, but they are still completely human and not just animals acting like humans. The Morality Play. Volpone is the sharpest, funniest play about money and morals in the seventeenth century – a play still wickedly relevant four centuries later.

Jonson’s comedy depicts selfishness thinly veiled by sanctimonious speeches, lust and possessiveness poorly disguised as love and marriage, and cynical legalism passing itself off as pure justice – as well as examining snobbery, class warfare, and greed.

Is Volpone an animal fable?

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Volpone beast fable
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